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If you run your own deli or simply want to save money by cutting your own meat, you surely need to purchase a Meat Slicer for all of your commercial and private needs. Don’t be fooled – meat slicers can cut anything from cheese, to bread, to meat itself! It can be an arduous task to cut all of your meat by hand, so you may want to consider getting an electric meat slicer to automate things a bit. No matter the type of Meat Slicer you purchase, one thing holds true: they make cutting meat so much easier!

How much will a Meat Slicer or a Commercial Meat Slicer cost me?

If you want to go the cheap right, you can get regular meat slicers for home use for around a hundred dollars! This is an excellent purchase, and can save you 65% more money compared to purchasing pre-cut meat at the store! These meat slicers are high quality and are commonly made of steel manufacturing parts – you never have to worry about the product degrading or malfunctioning.





If you want to buy a commercial meat slicer, than you are definitely going to be doing something serious like owning your own business. Commercial meat slicers tend to be in the thousands of dollars, but they are heavily equipped for the job they must do. This type of Meat Slicer is made for endurance and high productivity usage – this is ideal for the professional business setting.

What are the different types of the Meat Slicer out there?

Commercial Meat Slicer

As stated before, this Meat Slicer is designed for high volume usage, and should be purchased when starting any sort of business that involves cutting meat or other foods; it is an invaluable tool to your business productivity!

Meat Slicer for Home Use

These meat slicers are on the cheaper end of the spectrum, and are of a smaller scale compared to other versions – they are still capable of doing the same thing though! Just don’t expect to cut large volumes of meat as quickly as you would with another Meat Slicer.

Electric Meat Slicer

The Electric slicer is designed to make the meat cutting process extremely efficient and fast paced. They are obviously designed this way, but should be approached with the standard safety precautions when cutting any types of meats or cheese.

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